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Interesting Fact

Did you know that when you get a referral from a friend you can pretty well be assured that you will get great service?  The reality is that most business’s rely on referrals (with the exception of the big box type stores) to succeed.  On average a small business owners business comes from the following methods.  Approximately 2-4 % from direct mail, 2-4 % from direct local ad’s and direct email campaigns, 10-12% from social and business web pages, and a whopping 80% from referrals!

MAJOR difference’s  between the West Suburban Referrals Group and all other business groups is that…

* We don’t have membership due’s!  You have to be invited and approved by all members of our group to become a member.

* The majority of our current members have been together for over 9 years and several over 14 years!

* We meet bi-monthly as a group to share how our business is going and also learn how we can help each others business grow.

* We know and trust our fellow members on a personal as well as professional level.

The Members or West Suburban Referrals Group look forward to serving you, your family and friends for generations to come.
In addition if you’re looking for a service that we don’t have a member for, that simply means that we haven’t found a company that offers that service that meets our standards.


WSRG New Website

As we celebrate the new year and the many changes happening all over the world, West Suburban Referrals Group is changing our website as well.  I noticed that our old site didn’t display properly on many of the smart phones and especially Apple Products.  So we ring in 2012 with a new web design that should be accessible from all computers, Smart Phones, I-Pads and other media devices.

In the event that you discover a device that our site doesn’t display properly or work at all I’d appreciate you contacting me directly at

In addition if you’d like more information on how to become a member of our prestigious group, visit our Contact page.